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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The End is Nigh

Well the end of the year is fast approaching and my keeping of the blog has been a little hit and miss.

I have been rather busy with custom orders which is fantastic, but this has left me little time for much else.
Christmas themed items didn't get much of a look in but I did get a few requests for Christmas custom orders.

This is one item that I got made as a custom order - a Christmas Tree Skirt.

Tree Skirt

I must admit I had never made one before, and now I am thinking I should make one for myself and whats even better, there is still time.

Another item I made as a custom order was a bunting. This is a Kiwiana themed bunting.


As you may know I dabble in a bit of upcycling, these little gift baskets are made from new and used product. The lining fabric is made from quality quilting cotton and the outside fabric is made from upcycled potato sack that may be about 30 years old. The other significance of these sacks, is that they are some my dad had stored in his shed, however I am no longer able to ask him as he passed away about 9 years ago from Motor Neuron disease.


I also made a plastic bag holder and a santa sack from The Grinch fabric which are on their way to new homes.Would have loved to have sent more items to new homes so keep me in mind for next Christmas as I am always happy to discuss custom orders.

Since its a tradition here in NZ to go to sales on Boxing day, I will be having a sale on my Uku Chic facebook page for all ready made items in all the albums. Take 25% off listed price from 8am on the 26th December 2013 until 8pm 28th December 2013 - Does not include items listed on Felt or Trademe.

If you want to keep up with what's happening with Uku Chic you can subscribe to this blog as an email - right side of the page.

Have a Merry Christmas
Love Jenny

Monday, 2 September 2013

Fabric Fabric Fabric

I have found with starting up the sewing lark again, that I am surrounded with so many choices -choices of fabric and what styles to create.

So I have a collection of quilting cottons that I can sew the most divine little girls items out of or shorts and shirts for boys that will stand the rigors of rough and tumble play. Then there are the stretch knits for an alternative style of clothing. Last but not least, I have discovered vintage fabrics, and I might be beginning to become a little fanatical over purchasing this type of fabric. I am not sure what the attraction is maybe a reminder of days gone by or the fact that it is a little different.

One of the pieces of vintage fabric I recently purchased was some Sanderson fabric, called Hippity Hoppity. While doing a little research on the fabric I discovered it was from the 50's, that was so amazing that it had survived that long. I was unsure what to do with it but then I got involved with a showcase with the theme "Childrens Playground" and everything needed to be made with vintage fabric. So long story short I made some cushion covers from the Sanderson fabric, backed with some vintage candlewick fabric which I think would look cute in a nursery.

Link to the cushions on my page Uku Chic and if you want to see the showcase pop over to Vintage Playground

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


One meaning of niche is "An area of the market specializing in one type of product or service" as defined by the Urban Dictionary.

Often you hear that people have found their niche, I guess I'm not one of those people, not yet anyway. I like to sew a variety of styles and themes, otherwise I think I might get a little bored. Another aspect of creating a variety is the exposure to other ideas, fabrics and even history.

On facebook there are lots of like minded creatives, and one way of getting our "wares" out to a wider audience is to enter a showcase. A showcase is kind of like a market but online and run via a facebook page like CharlyE

There is often a theme and this one is Rockabilly. Now I don't know much about Rockabilly, but have done a little research and came across this interesting article Rockabilly clothing which talks about the styles back in the 1950s and the precursor for what Rockabilly is today.

So the items I decided on for this particular showcase are as follows:

The Elvis Cushion Cover

The Headscarf

Cherry Dress for a child - using a vintage pattern

Selection of Fabric Hair Bows

Thats my take on Rockabilly, like I said I don't know that much about it but I know more than when I started.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


We all have to start somewhere right?
I have been wanting to start a blog for Uku Chic for some time but keep putting it off.
Writing it seems is not as easy as we think. Yes I may have been taught how to write essays at University but does that translate into real life? I personally have yet to come to a conclusion on that question.
Writing a blog needs to grab the readers attention and I don't think writing an essay necessarily does that. Maybe I should find some references to back that up or perhaps quote an author or two. Anyway back to the topic at hand, Uku Chic and beginnings.

Uku Chic is my fledgling hobby business or whatever you wish to call it. It started last year when I sewed a bunting for my birthday. I decided to have a dessert table with the theme of Cat in the Hat and the rest they say is or was history and Uku Chic was born.

Uku being short for Waiuku, where I currently live and Chic for stylish or because I am a girl - you decide.
When my children were babies I sewed most of their clothes until they decided that they didn't want mums homemade stuff.
But since my passion for sewing has been rekindled I find myself sewing kids clothes amongst other things.
So this is the beginning of my blog, you can also find me on facebook and hopefully I will have a website up running at some point.
Have a fabulous day.