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Monday, 2 September 2013

Fabric Fabric Fabric

I have found with starting up the sewing lark again, that I am surrounded with so many choices -choices of fabric and what styles to create.

So I have a collection of quilting cottons that I can sew the most divine little girls items out of or shorts and shirts for boys that will stand the rigors of rough and tumble play. Then there are the stretch knits for an alternative style of clothing. Last but not least, I have discovered vintage fabrics, and I might be beginning to become a little fanatical over purchasing this type of fabric. I am not sure what the attraction is maybe a reminder of days gone by or the fact that it is a little different.

One of the pieces of vintage fabric I recently purchased was some Sanderson fabric, called Hippity Hoppity. While doing a little research on the fabric I discovered it was from the 50's, that was so amazing that it had survived that long. I was unsure what to do with it but then I got involved with a showcase with the theme "Childrens Playground" and everything needed to be made with vintage fabric. So long story short I made some cushion covers from the Sanderson fabric, backed with some vintage candlewick fabric which I think would look cute in a nursery.

Link to the cushions on my page Uku Chic and if you want to see the showcase pop over to Vintage Playground