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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The End is Nigh

Well the end of the year is fast approaching and my keeping of the blog has been a little hit and miss.

I have been rather busy with custom orders which is fantastic, but this has left me little time for much else.
Christmas themed items didn't get much of a look in but I did get a few requests for Christmas custom orders.

This is one item that I got made as a custom order - a Christmas Tree Skirt.

Tree Skirt

I must admit I had never made one before, and now I am thinking I should make one for myself and whats even better, there is still time.

Another item I made as a custom order was a bunting. This is a Kiwiana themed bunting.


As you may know I dabble in a bit of upcycling, these little gift baskets are made from new and used product. The lining fabric is made from quality quilting cotton and the outside fabric is made from upcycled potato sack that may be about 30 years old. The other significance of these sacks, is that they are some my dad had stored in his shed, however I am no longer able to ask him as he passed away about 9 years ago from Motor Neuron disease.


I also made a plastic bag holder and a santa sack from The Grinch fabric which are on their way to new homes.Would have loved to have sent more items to new homes so keep me in mind for next Christmas as I am always happy to discuss custom orders.

Since its a tradition here in NZ to go to sales on Boxing day, I will be having a sale on my Uku Chic facebook page for all ready made items in all the albums. Take 25% off listed price from 8am on the 26th December 2013 until 8pm 28th December 2013 - Does not include items listed on Felt or Trademe.

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Have a Merry Christmas
Love Jenny